Getting Started

Nube is cloud in Spanish.

Nuber is an open source virtualization management software, it provides a front end to manage your own cloud infrastructure, using Linux Containers virtualization technology. Linux containers is an open source container-based hypervisor, which is created and maintained by Canonical the company behind Ubuntu. Linux containers offers almost 15x greater density than KVM whilst allowing criticial applications run at bare metal performance*.

This software aims to make it easier for software companies and developers to setup and manage their own cloud, whilst achieving high density virtualisation, both these goals reduce costs and administration time significantly.

Nuber provides a web based interface with an underlying set of processes for setting up and managing containers making it extremley easy to manage virtualization in a consistent way whilst removing the burden and complexity of trying to do this from the command line.


To install Nuber you will need a server or virtual machine with Ubuntu server installed. LXD which is the daemon which is used by Nuber to create and manage containers, and it is installed by default on Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS.

First setup an Ubuntu server using the installation guide, then once LXD has been setup and configured, run the following command to install Nuber.

$ bash <(curl -s

It is best to install Nuber on a fresh install of Ubuntu with LXD configured as instructed in the documentation, if you have an existing installation see the in the github repository for additional information on steps that might be required.

Once the installation script is complete, open your browser and goto https://<IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT_NUMBER>/install, to create a user and add the LXD host.

Adding a host

So that Nuber can manage an LXD host you need to configure the server to listen on port 8843 and set a temporary password, which you should remove afterwards. When installing Nuber or when adding a new host, Nuber will randomly generate a UUID and provide you with copy and paste instructions like below, for you run on the LXD host.

You will need to configure LXD to listen over the network, for security reasons you want this to only listen internally, to do so provide the local IP address which you can find by running ip a

$ lxc config set core.https_address "[::]:8443"

Next set a temporary password so that Nuber can authorize itself with LXD. You can generate a UUID by running the command uuidgen.

$ lxc config set core.trust_password "7259619d-9428-4bff-b0ad-eca3057d9655"

After you have added the host and Nuber can connect, you should remove the password to prevent brute force attacks using the following command:

$ lxc config unset core.trust_password


There are a number of things that you want to do, to secure the host, this includes restricting access to the control panel, enabling public key authentication and setting up a firewall.

See the guide securing the host for easy steps on how to do this, do not skip this part.