Container Management Software

Setup, run and manage your own cloud with ease using linux containers


Nuber is an open source container management platform, it provides a front end to manage your own cloud infrastructure, using Linux Containers virtualization technology. Linux containers is an open source container-based hypervisor, which is created and maintained by Canonical the company behind Ubuntu. Linux containers offers almost 15x greater density than KVM whilst allowing criticial applications run at bare metal performance.

This software aims to make it easier for software companies and developers to setup and manage their own cloud, whilst achieving high density virtualization, both these goals reduce costs and administration time significantly.

Nuber provides a web based interface with an underlying set of processes for setting up and managing containers making it extremley easy to manage virtualization in a consistent way whilst removing the burden and complexity of trying to do this from the command line.


You need a server or virtual machine setup with Ubuntu server and LXD configured.

$ bash <(curl -s 


Here are some of the features:


Easily create and manage instances using linux containers (LXD).


Create snapshots from instances, and quickly restore if needed.


Schedule backups hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Configure a retention policy for each schedule. One click easy restore.


Migrate instances between servers.

Application Images

Clone instances and create your own application images.


Access the terminal for each instance.

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